Florida Dunnam Campus – Week of September 8-14

Welcome Students!

A Defining Moment

The change of pace through the summer months provided rich opportunities for renewal and preparation for the new academic year. However, the return of our full faculty and student body to campus brings great pleasure.
This week, on Thursday, September 5, we celebrate the Fifteenth Convocation on the Florida Dunnam campus of Asbury Theological Seminary. In our community, some are amazed that we will launch our fifteenth academic year, others walk into their first year as seminary students, and others simply cannot believe summer is over. A mix of emotions such as joy, fear, nervousness, excitement, and nostalgia fill the air.
My reflections on this week remind me of a recent conference when I shared with the Mentored Ministry students on “Defining Moments.” These moments act like stakes driven in the ground that set our course and provide an anchor for our lives and ministries for years to come. Convocation and the start of a new year for the seminary will stand as a defining moment for many. For many students, this week marks the beginning of their seminary journey and for others it represents another step on the same journey. This passage will radically transform lives, shape character, and prepare each of us to live according to God’s call.
At our Convocation, President Tennent will address the community with a fresh challenge and call for us to live according to the mission and vision that God has given us. May our hearts be attune to all that God would want to speak to us, and to how He might offer a defining moment for our community and for each life and ministry.

Steve Gober
VP Florida Dunnam Campus


Announcements and Events

 Student Work Position: EMT

The Office of Enrollment Management & Student Services is seeking a student worker for the 2013-2014 academic year. Please visit this link for more information on hours and rate!

Premier Visit Day on Tuesday, October 8 from 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Do you know a student interested in attending Asbury Seminary? Premier Visit Day is for them! Prospective students can come and preview what it’s like to be a  student at Asbury. Financial Aid, Academic Degree advising, lunch with faculty, worship in Chapel, and an opportunity to sit in on a class are all part of the prospective student’s experience at our Premier Day. If you know a student interested in attending our upcoming Premier Day, please have them visit http://www.asburyseminary.edu/admissions/visit-us/ma-and-mdiv-visits/ or call us at 407.482.7570 to sign up today!

Also, check out our Facebook page.

Counseling Department

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming FALL 2013 Gating Interviews.

  • FALL GATE 2 & 3 INTERVIEWS will be held on September 25 & 27* by appointment only. If you are participating in the Fall Gate, please be sure that all items are submitted to the Counseling Coordinator Liz Castro by September 4, 2013.
  • FALL GATE 1 GROUP INTERVIEW will be held on October 21, 2013* from 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. in Student Lounge 103.

Please feel free to contact the Counseling Department (Ext. 7567) if you have any questions.
*Note that dates and time are subject to change, please be sure to check your Asbury email periodically for Gating information and updates.

Mentored Ministry Communication/Updates:

Mentored Ministry can become the Heart of your seminary experience.
How To Begin…
Plan to begin your Mentored Ministry experience at 15 – 20 credit hours point of your seminary journey.
The prerequisites for MM 520/514/601 (cross listed) are:

  • CD501 (Vocation of Ministry) and MS501 (Missional Formation: The Church in a Global Era)
  • Complete the Registration form and return to the Mentored Ministry office for approval
  • Attend the mandatory training conference for Students and Mentors

**please review the catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites

This is a friendly reminder if you have not yet registered for Mentored Ministry.
Are you ready to begin your Mentored Ministry experience? If so you must complete the Registration form found on OneATS (Departments/Mentored Ministry/FL Campus/located at the bottom of the page) and return to the Mentored Ministry Office for approval, as well as, attend a mandatory training conference in January.

Don’t Forget your Parking Passes

As we enter into the Fall semester, please remember to purchase your parking pass for the Fall Semester 2013 went on sale August 1 and are now available for purchase. Please visit permitsales.net/ATS to purchase your parking pass.


Community Formation

The Office of Community Formation will be hosting a “Fall Festival” on September 21 for the surrounding community! Please contact Nelida Ramos in the Office of Community Formation@ nelida.ramos@asburyseminary.edu or 407.482.7593 for more information on how you can be involved!

ATS Fall Flyer

Upcoming Chapels

September 10 – Dr. Steve Gober, Vice President, Florida Dunnam Campus
September 12 – Dr. Brian Russell, Dean School of Urban Ministries

LLSP is a 48-credit certificate program offering courses in theology, biblical studies and counseling. The program has been servicing the Hispanic community for 11 years. For more information, please call Lizette Acosta or Lilly Vargas at 407.482.7565 or 7566, respectively.

Fall 2013
Our first course will begin Saturday, September 7, and will meet from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. The weekly classes begin Monday, September 9 at 6 p.m. If you know anyone who is Spanish speaking and has a desire to grow deeper in the knowledge of God’s Word, or who desires to learn how to provide wise counsel and be present to others in their struggle, for such a one LLSP exists. Please share this information with others who would greatly benefit from a solid education Asbury style, in Spanish! We look forward to serving our Latino community. For more information, please call Lizette Acosta or Lilly Vargas at 407.482.7565 or 7566, respectively.
Taller de Mayordoi_a-1


Looking Ahead

Sober Mercies: A Conversation on Addiction

This event will be simulcast here on the Florida Dunnam Campus. Please join us and feel free to share with anyone you feel would benefit from this important conversation.
**Please note that the Tuesday evening, September 17 session (5-7 p.m.) will not be available via simulcast, as the flyer indicates.

holy land 2

My Experience in the Holy Land
 By José C. Hernandez, Jr.

For several years Dr. Bob Tuttle and Brother Bill Tillmann told me stories about the experiences our students were having on the Holy Land journeys, sponsored by Asbury Theological Seminary. Their stories ignited my curiosity to know and experience more about what it means for a Christian to travel to the birthplace of our faith. I began to dream about walking on the places the children of Israel walked on their journey to the Promised Land and being on the streets where Jesus walked. At the time I had serious financial and family considerations but eventually both of these gentlemen helped me to make my pilgrimage to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel in January 2012. 
There are no words, films, or pictures that can describe the overflow of emotions experienced visiting the locations that for many years have been known in an abstract form to those that read and preach the Word of God. To stand at the front of the Pyramids of Giza, to enter into one of the locations Jesus, Mary and Joseph lived during their exile in Egypt, or to hike uphill at Mount Sinai is a breathtaking experience in itself. But that was just the beginning and every day became better and better as the group stood on the top of Mount Nebo seeing as Moses did the Promised Land from the distance, surveying with my own eyes the city of Jericho or the Gilead Mountains. Furthermore, as you cross the Jordan River, entering into Israel, visiting Masada and Qumran, you begin to realize that the geographical locations described in the Bible are as real today as they were thousands of years ago. I encountered God in a boat at the Galilee Sea, at the top of Mount Carmel, and above all places at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. I discovered that God does not live in Palm Beach, Florida as many of us might think, but rather His overwhelming presence can be experienced at the old city of Jerusalem. During this trip, my eyes were opened to a new dimension of understanding. I preach today completely different than I used to because now the pages of the Bible are alive in my mind. Consequently, if I am speaking about Mount Calvary, the empty tomb, the city of Bethlehem, or the Village of Nain, I can describe vividly those places because I have been there. I believe that any person called to minister with others, as a pastor, counselor, or lay leader, should make a journey to the place that everything started. Go and stand in the Upper Room, the top of Mount Olives, the Village of Capernaum, or at the foot of Mount Hermon. Go and experience the power of God through history and learn to apply all of the things you have learned to your spiritual formation. I guarantee your life will be transformed and you will be renewed as I was.

Holy Lands Tour

Israel, Egypt and Jordanwith Dr. Steve Gober and Dr. Robert G. Tuttle, Jr.
Come and join us on our upcoming exploration of Egypt, Jordan and the Holy Land in January 2014. 
You will have the opportunity to re-trace the exodus of the Israelites. You will also have the opportunity to walk where Jesus walked, see the actual places where Jesus taught, called his Apostles, walked on water, and performed many of His miracles.
Beginning in Egypt, you will experience the Pyramids, climb Mt. Sinai, cross the Red Sea, see the ruins at Petra (one of the new seven wonders of the world), sail on the Galilee, visit Mt. Herman and Mt. Carmel.
You will visit Jerusalem, sit on the temple steps, walk the Via Dolorosa and the Stations of the Cross, and visit the site known as Golgotha. You will never read the Bible in the same way again. You will be changed. You will be transformed. You will come away with a new appreciation of all that God has shared with you in His Word.
Read the information in this brochure and send in your registration form soon. There is a great deal of interest in this journey already. 
May the Lord richly bless you.

Dr. Robert G. Tuttle Jr. Ph.D. and Dr. Steve Gober.